Are you tired of seeing your thinning hair and receding hairline?

A FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) hair transplant could be the right solution for you.

1. Image-Based Planning:

To achieve the most natural-looking results, your hair transplant specialist must use image-based planning. This involves taking photos from multiple angles and superimposing them onto a computerized image of your scalp so that a precise hair pattern can be mapped out. This allows the specialist to customize your hair transplant to fit your specific style goals and anatomy.


2. Use of Quality Hair Transplant Instruments:

When it comes to performing a successful FUE hair transplant, the right instruments are essential. You want to make sure your specialist is using modern, high-quality instruments to minimize scarring and maximize accuracy.



Transplante Capilar Zona Receptora


3. Expertise in Harvesting Follicles:

Harvesting hairs is one of the most crucial parts of a FUE hair transplant, and it requires great skill and knowledge. Your specialist must be highly experienced in harvesting follicles, as well as being able to identify healthy ones that will survive the transplant process.



4. Strategic Hair Pattern Design:

You want to make sure your hair transplant specialist understands the principles of natural hair growth and design. This means creating a custom hair pattern with the right distribution of density, direction, and depth.


Avalia��o de Cabelo para Transplante Capilar


5. Post-Operative Care Instructions:

Your specialist should also provide detailed post-operative instructions and monitoring to ensure the best possible outcome. This includes giving you advice on how to care for your scalp after the procedure, as well as when you can expect to see results and any potential side effects.


Before After Hair Transplant


Overall, finding an experienced hair transplant specialist who follows these golden standards of FUE hair transplants can help you achieve the best possible results. Do your research and consult with a few different specialists before making your decision.


Dr. Gür