Gur Hair Transplant is a Fue Hair Transplant clinic in Istanbul How to care your Hair Transplant?

How to care your Hair Transplant?

How to care Hair Transplant?

How should you take care of your hair after the operation?

Many patients are wondering about how to take care of their hair before and after the surgery. We hope this article will help them learn more about these rules:


Take your medication given by the doctor to protect yourself against the infections.


Alcohol: Do not drink alcohol for 7 days after the operation. To ensure that the transplanted hair can get the best nutrition, we recommended not to drink alcohol for 30 days after the operation.


Tobacco: Do not smoke for 7 days after the operation, tobacco products may reduce the retention of the scalp.


Sleeping position: You should sleep on your back for the 3 first days to prevent the damage to the newly transplanted hair. Using multiple pillows is recommended.


Avoid scratching your head for the first 3 days.


Follow the instructions of the hair wash after the surgery, which explained by our medical consultant.


Sea and swimming pool: during the first 30 days after the transplant, do not swim in the sea or in the swimming pool.


Sun: during the first 30 days after the transplant, do not expose the scalp to the sun or high temperatures (sauna).


Physical activity: Do not practice sports that require great physical activity within 10 days after the operation. Do not bend or lift heavy objects from the ground.


Healthy diet helps quick recovery and healing.


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