Gur Hair Transplant is a Fue Hair Transplant clinic in Istanbul Benefits of Fue Hair Transplant

Benefits of Fue Hair Transplant


Here are some advantages the FUE hair transplant may offer you:

·         Unlike the FUT hair transplant technique, which comprises cutting a part of your donor side, the FUE technique leaves absolutely no visible scars. Because the grafts are removed one by one.

·         The recovery period is extremely brief (around 2 weeks for the donor area).

·         FUE Hair transplant guarantee you a 100% natural look (if done by the right doctor)

·         Ensures a natural-looking hairline, which is crucial for the natural look.

·         Recovery time of the recipient area is 10 days (recovery of all the crusts).

·         There are no major side effects of FUE Hair Transplant.

·         By using harmless local anesthesia like the one dentists use, there is almost no pain in FUE hair transplant surgery.

·         The FUE hair transplant surgery last around just 8 hours.

·         FUE hair transplant can be applied on all men.

·         Turkey offers affordable prices. yet the patients must look out for malicious doctors and clinics.


Gur Hair Transplant Clinic offers you more advantages:

·     ISHRS certified Gokhan Gur, M.D. performs the operation with his 17 year long experience and expertise in the field.

·     Medical team accompanying Dr. Gur are leading experts in the field.


Please contact us if you are interested in achieving natural looks for affordable prices.