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Reasons of Hair Loss done

Top 9 Reasons for Hair Loss


Surveys show that over 70% of men experience hair loss and thinning. If you are suffering from one of these problems, then you should visit a good hair specialist to understand the reasons behind it.

Major reasons of hair loss:


1. Genetics

Hair follicles are very sensitive to dihydro-testosterone (DHL) hormones. This hormone affects men and women in different ways. Unfortunately there is no treatment for genetic hair loss through transplant operation.


2. Stress

Stress is one of the major reason of many problems related to health, including the hair loss. 


3. Medical Reasons

such as unrelated illnesses.


4. Use of Chemical Products

Excessive use of chemical products may cause hair loss.


5. Hormonal Changes

Hormonal changes may be another reason for hair loss.


6. Nutrients

Your hair needs a balanced amount of certain nutrients in order to stay strong. Excessive Vitamin A, protein deficiency, anemia (iron deficiency), and Vitamin B deficiency can all lead to hair loss.


7. Steroid Use

Certain steroids can cause increased levels of DHT in the body, which can increase the likelihood of hair loss in patients who are genetically predisposed.


8. Chemotherapy

Chemotherapy treatments pump chemicals into the bloodstream, and hair loss is usually one of the earliest noticeable side effects. Once chemotherapy ends, your hair should slowly regrow.


9. Autoimmune Diseases

Autoimmune diseases like lupus, where the immune system attacks the hair follicle, can also cause hair loss. In this type of hair loss, some people may lose clumps of hair at a time, while others may experience more gradual thinning.


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