Gur Hair Transplant is a Fue Hair Transplant clinic in Istanbul Top Reasons of Hair Loss

Top Reasons of Hair Loss

Top Reasons of Hair Loss


%70 of people have hair thinning and hair loss in their lives. Hair loss have a lot of reasons and most important thing is to understand reason of hair loss.


Start a treatment is very important but first you have to consult a doctor for your hair loss.


Reasons of Hair Loss

1. Genetics

Main factor of hair loss is genetic factors. Hair follicles is very sensitive to dihydrotestosterone (DHT) hormones. It is the main reason of hair loss. In this type of baldness hair transplant is very good decision for you


2. Stress

In this kind of hair loss if people have high stress level they may see their hair is falling but fortunately if stress level is normal their hair will grow again.


3. Medical Reasons

Some medical reasons may affect hair loss but this kind of hair loss hair loss will be reversed. If you have a hair loss because of medical reason when your health will fine again hair will be normal.


4. Use of Chemical Products

Chemical usage may affect hair loss. Nearly every chemical that are used for hair may affect hair loss. Most of hair products is included in this category.


5. Hormonal Changes

Also hormonal changes have a reversible hair loss. When your hormones go to normal hair will grow again.


6. Excessive/Deficient Nutrients

Your hair needs a carefully balanced amount of certain nutrients in order to stay strong. Excessive Vitamin A, protein deficiency, anemia (iron deficiency), and Vitamin B deficiency can all lead to hair loss. Eating enough vitamin or minerals or fresh fruits and vegetables will be good for your hairs.


7. Steroid Use

If you use steroid your DHT level will rise and this may cause hair loss. Men hormones like testosterone and steroid may cause hair loss.


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