Gur Hair Transplant is a Fue Hair Transplant clinic in Istanbul Finding Fue Hair Transplant Doctor in Istanbul

Finding Fue Hair Transplant Doctor in Istanbul

Finding Fue Hair Transplant Doctor in Istanbul


Hair Transplant is a fast-growing sector in Turkey. Therefore, patients are facing a hard time choosing the right clinic. These clinics can offer you many opportunities with discounted prices and other advantages.


To choose the right clinic, search for hair transplant clinics in Turkey. For example, check if the center is licensed and registered under the Turkish Republic’s Ministry of Health. Inquire about the doctor’s name, his medical license and boards, and if he is a member of the ISHRS. Also, investigate about the doctor’s role in the hair transplant surgery to make sure that he will not be merely an observer during the surgery, and will conduct it personally.

In Turkey, a doctor’s role can be limited to doing only paperwork in some clinics, or just opening channels in other clinics. However, you should choose a clinic where the doctor is conducting both the extraction and the incision stages.

Think twice before choosing a clinic which offers you to very high number of grafts to transplant (5000- 7000). In reality, these numbers are exaggerated for marketing. The patient has to know that the maximum number of grafts that can safely be extracted from the donor site is 3000- 3500. Otherwise the skin may experience healing complications and the transplanted hair may never even grow.

You should also ask about the number of operations the doctor is performing per day. It should be limited to 1 or maximum 2. Otherwise, the quality of the surgery will go down.


The Technique used in the hair transplant operation is also important (FUE or FUT).

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