Gur Hair Transplant is a Fue Hair Transplant clinic in Istanbul Fue Hair Transplantation Timeline

Fue Hair Transplantation Timeline

You may wonder when your hair will grow after the hair transplant operation. Here is the timeline of the FUE Hair Transplant.


The first 10 days following the surgery are called “healing period”. In this period you may notice slow hair growth which will end in complete baldness. That’s a completely normal process.


During the next 3- 4 months, your hair will continue to fall. We call this period the “sleeping mode.”


Next 4-month period is called the “growing period”. Your hair will continue growing for 4- 8 months. You can start noticing the difference easily.


The last four-month period is the “result period”. Your hair will get its shape after all the grafts yield the maximum number of follicles. Hair follicles can carry only one hair at first but in the last 8-12 months they will grow 2, 3 or 4 hairs.


12 months after the hair transplant operation, you will get the final results and enjoy your new hair.


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