Gur Hair Transplant is a Fue Hair Transplant clinic in Istanbul Ceyhun review

Ceyhun review

I met with Dr. Gökhan Gür with the reference of a friend who had made a hair transplant operation before..

Normally I had no desire to make a hair transplant operation. After the meeting with Dr. Gökhan Gür about the professional approach and what could be done with my friend, I decided to transplant my hair.

He did the whole operation himself. It is a very important thing for me.

I thought it would be painful operation because I had not done before. I did not have a pain at the level I thought.

After the operation, the necessary information and applications were carried out successfully by Doctor Gökhan Gür.

I had it in January 2016. It's a year to fill. I am very natural looking now.

If i don’t say no one notice i had an transplant operation. I think my hairs have a very natural looking.

Also I have not experienced any negative effects.

If you follow your doctor's instructions and suggestions, you will have excellent results.

I think it is very important who did the operation.

As someone who is a painter, I think that the aesthetic and beauty natural dimension of this work is of the same importance.

It is not only enough for the hair to be transplanted but it is more important that the finished product is natural. I have seen this in the Gur Hair clinic clinic.

I am grateful to Mr. Gökhan Gür and his team again.

I think that they are a hair transplant clinic that I can recommend with a heartfelt comfort to my surrounding.

Best regards.

Ceyhun Tokgur