Gur Hair Transplant is a Fue Hair Transplant clinic in Istanbul Kerem Review

Kerem Review

Our patients Kerem's review about our hair transplant service.


I use motorcycles for eight years and eight years there is always a short cut on my hair. My girlfriend wanted me to extend my hair to make it change and I did not touch my hair for three months.

My condition when I extend my hair it was disgusting for me because my hair was diluted in some regionsI was wearing a hat because it was bad for me, i feel very depressed in all the time.I thought that it might have an effect on nutrient supplements that I used from doing sports.

My friend mentioned hair transplantation while I was in the gym again. I was searching for a name on a friend's recommendation from the sports hall and was able to get to it. Doctor GÖKHAN GÜR professionally told me that he explained the process and make me believe the hair transplantation.

In operation day it took 8 hours. I don't feel any pain. 8 Hour may seem so long but i don't understand how time was passed. Dr Gökhan Gür is an amazing person. Also all the workers in the Gur Hair Transplant is amazing and very friendly. After the operation when i looked the mirror and i felt happy. That was an amazing moment for me. I feel still the same emotions. Dr. Gökhan Gür changed my life.


Our last week's operation took place I can tell you that I feel much better even if my hair has not come out yet. You should definitely visit the GÜR hair transplantation center, which makes you feel good with the guru-faced employees who comfort you so much that I am going to tell you as one of you

With my love and respect KEREM

8 Month Picture