Gur Hair Transplant is a Fue Hair Transplant clinic in Istanbul How to Choose Hair Transplant?

How to Choose Hair Transplant?



Choosing the right surgeon is very important before a hair transplant operationAn excellent surgeon means excellent result. Therefore, it is important to choose your hair transplant doctor carefully.


Good vs. Bad Hair Transplant

It’s quit hard to find the right surgeon because there are far more bad doctors than the good ones. Also they are more expensive.

In cheap clinics, nurses perform the entire operation, unlike the good ones where a medical doctor does all stages of operation.


Who Can Perform a Hair Transplant Surgery?

A hair transplant doctor must be licensed by the Medical Board and highly accomplished in hair transplantation. Also, he/she must have an artistic knowledge.


How to Choose a Hair Transplant Surgeon

It is important to consider several factors while searching the best clinic:


-Whether it is specialized in hair restoration

-How long they’ve been in practice

-How many successful hair transplant procedures they’ve performed

-What board certifications they have

-Before/after pictures of recent patients


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