Gur Hair Transplant is a Fue Hair Transplant clinic in Istanbul Hair Transplant Washing Procedure (Timeline)

Hair Transplant Washing Procedure (Timeline)

Hair Transplant Washing Procedure / Washing Timeline


We will tell you FUE Hair Transplant Timeline in this article.


Day 1: Clinic Wash: Come to our clinic the day after your operation to get your hair washed and apply the antibacterial.


Day 2: It’s your dry-day: you won’t wash your hair.


Day 3: it’s the day you will start washing your hair by yourself. First you will apply the spray on the recipient area and leave it for 60 minutes. Then you will wash the entire head with shampoo by creating foam in your hands and spread it through your donor and receptor area gently.

You can gently massage the donor area with the palm of your hand to increase blood circulation in the area. However, you SHOULD NOT MASSAGE the recipient area. Finally, rinse off the foam with warm water. Do not rub your head with a towel to dry the implanted area. Allow the hair to air dry.


Day 4: the 4th day is the same as 3rd day.


5 to 10 Days: First, apply the spray on the receiving area and leave it for 2 hours. After 5 hours you will wash your hair as mentioned before. You can gently massage the implanted area in small circles with your fingertips without rubbing, dragging or scratching.


Day 10: You can change back to your normal washing routine and send us the photos of your head so that we can follow-up with your case.


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