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Hair Transplant Cost Istanbul Turkey

You can read our article if you want to get an idea about the costs of FUE hair transplant in Turkey.


Hair transplant surgery can be an expensive procedure. Most Hair restoration clinics charge by the number of grafts, 2500 on average. Therefore, it is the best approach to use the least number of grafts possible.


The graft number may vary depending on the physician’s diagnosis and technique, as well as the patient’s preferences and goals. However, you can get a broad estimation using the 1,000 graft per baldness level on the Norwood Scale. But it’s important to note that this is just an estimation and the doctor may suggest differently. 


Another way to estimate grafts number is using the online graft calculation method. Only the top practitioners can guarantee both the best price and the best results.


Ultimately, the best way to determine the number of grafts you’ll need is to get diagnosed by an experienced hair restoration specialist either in person or online. You can reach out to Dr. Gökhan Gür M.D. via telephone, email, or WhatsApp to get a quote.


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