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Joe review

Our patients Joe's review about our hair transplant service.


It's been over a week since I had my hair transplant procedure with Dr. Gökhan Gür and I wanted to write a review to share my experience with his clinic. I had a 2400 graft FUE procedure.

 My hair loss started young and has been slowly progressing over the past 10 yrs. I reached the point where it was either shave my head, get a wig or get a hair transplant. Obviously prices in the UK for a hair transplant are tremendously high so I started looking abroad. 

 After lots of research Turkey was the clear choice however what I also found in my research was the vast majority of these hair transplant clinic's in Turkey are actually more like Hair transplant factory's where they will see up to 10 patients per day and technicians NOT doctors will carry out the entire procedure. Needless to say you have to be very careful when making your choice. 

 In the end I narrowed it down to a few clinic's that assured me the doctor would perform my procedure. The reason I chose Dr. Gur's clinic was the excellent communication from his contact manager Oguz and also out of all the clinic's I contacted Dr. Gökhan Gur was the only surgeon who actually took the time to speak to me on the phone and answer all my questions even taking time out of his vacation to do so. This was greatly appreciated. 

 Once I made my decision all I had to do was book my flights and send the flight confirmation details to the clinic. They booked the hotel and airport transfers.

 Arriving in Turkey my driver was waiting at the airport and took me to the hotel. No issues at all. The Hotel is very nice, better than I was expecting. It's location is a bit out of the way of anything touristy but it's right next to a big modern shopping mall with all the shops and restaurants you could want and it's a 2 minute walk away from the clinic. 

 The day of the procedure I was met in the hotel lobby and taken to the clinic which as stated is just around the corner from the hotel. I was very nervous but upon meeting Dr. Gur and his team I felt more at ease. All his team speak English and are very warm and friendly people. I sat and had a chat with Dr. Gur for around 30mins while he examined my hair and we agreed what work would be done. Dr .Gur himself is very passionate about his work and has a great personality and sense of humour. He is very easy to chat with. 

 My procedure took around 9 hrs and true to his word Dr. Gur performed most of the procedure and was present and supervising throughout. I was the only patient and at no point did I feel rushed at all and his team were very patient with me. The procedure itself is quite tedious and uncomfortable at times as you would expect but it's more to do with the positions you have to lay in and not move rather than pain from the surgery.

 The next day I went back to the clinic where my bandgages were removed and my head was washed. I was given lotion and shampoo and talked through how to wash my head over the next 10 days. 

 Now I'm back home and feel like I'm healing nicely. It's too early for me to comment on results but I'm quietly optimistic and I'm very happy with my decision to choose Dr. Gur.

 I'd like to thank Dr. Gur and his team for making my experience as pleasant and easy as possible. I would have no hesitation going back and would recommend his clinic to anyone looking to get a FUE hair transplant procedure.

Joe from England/ Basinstroke

Date: 03.03.2018