Gur Hair Transplant is a Fue Hair Transplant clinic in Istanbul Press Release Fue Hair Transplant

Press Release Fue Hair Transplant

PRESS RELEASE Gur Hair Transplant

Istanbul is not only known for its world-famous Hagia Sofia, but also for being the top destination to have hair transplantation.


Numbers speak for themselves, one out of five five people in the world travels to Istanbul for medical purposes.


If you google for health services in Turkey, you will come across with an incredible number of advertisements, clinics, hospitals, doctors and even non-doctor persons and agencies promoting their services to local and international patients. So, if you consider coming to Turkey to have a hair transplant operation, what do you need to know and beware of?


Dr. Gokhan Gur, M.D. is a pioneer in the Turkish hair transplant sector. He is a highly experienced Turkish doctor who has conducted over 2500 hair transplant operations personally in the last 15 years. Here are Dr. Gur´s recommendations for the patients who are trying to make a decision with the information available online:


It’s quite hard to find the right surgeon, because the number of excellent surgeons is much lower than the number of bad ones. Also, they are more expensive.


MIn cheap clinics, the operations is done by nurses rather than a medical doctor, unlike the good ones where a medical doctor performs all stages of the operation. Therefore, ask for the doctor’s name, his medical license and boards, and if he is a member of the ISHRS. Also, investigate the doctor’s role during the hair transplant surgery to make sure that he or she will be the one conducting all the procedures.


As a Medical Doctor who performs all surgical and aesthetical stages of a hair transplant operation himself, Dr. Gur has created two important standards of quality:


1. Golden Hand Standards: These standards help minimize the possibility of graft damage during the extraction step. And enable a homogeneous extraction from the donor area, which results in the natural look of the recipient area.


2. Under 1mm incision holes: This standard is practiced by using transplant slits smaller than 1mm diameter. It allows to open tiny incision holes and guarantee a natural look that cannot be noticed by a hairdresser!


Dr. Gur meticulously practices these two standards on every patient. Therefore, he does not perform hair transplant operations with over 3000 grafts in an 8-hour long operation day.


Please contact us if you are interested in having FUE Hair Transplant in Istanbul, Turkey.