Gur Hair Transplant is a Fue Hair Transplant clinic in Istanbul Side effects of Hair Transplant Surgery

Side effects of Hair Transplant Surgery



Here is a list of the side effects of hair transplantation:


It’s important to know that side effects can be common or permanent:



1. Bleeding

Bleeding is a part of hair transplant surgery and it stops immediately after the operation finishes.


2. Infections

Infection is a potential risk in hair transplantation. However, if you choose the right doctor, he will definitely prescribe you the right medicationand to minimize this risk.


3. Pain

You won’t feel nearly any pain during the operation. All you will feel is the local anesthesia injections that reduce the pain during the operation.


4. Itching

You may feel, for a short period, some itching on your head because of the regeneration of the skin, veins and cells.


5. Swelling

Because of local anaesthesia, the area around your forehead may swell, which lasts for 3 or 4 days. To prevent swelling, we give you a head band.


6. Scarring

Unlike FUE technique, which leaves no scar after the surgery, FUT method leaves scars in the donor area.


7. Cysts

The risk of having cysts after the operation depends on the quality and the level of experience of your doctor. At Gur Hair Transplant, Gokhan Gur, M.D. guarantees that you will not have any cysts.


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