Gur Hair Transplant is a Fue Hair Transplant clinic in Istanbul Does and Don'ts If You Have a Hair Loss

Does and Don'ts If You Have a Hair Loss

At some point in his life, every male suffers from baldness, but some of them can be more unfortunate. They might not know what can help stop their hair loss. Hair loss is closely related to poor diet, too much stress and genetic factors.

If you are losing your hair, then here are some tips which can help slow down the hair loss.



1. Don’t panic when you start losing your hair. Visit a hair expert who will diagnose you and suggest the right treatment.


2. Don’t be afraid of washing your hair if your hair starts to fall out.


3. Don’t use too much hair styling products because it may worsen the hair loss.




1. Dry your hair gently. It may help you lose less hair.


2. Longer hair is weaker than shorter hair. Have your hair short to keep them strong.


3. Avoid stress. Stress is a contributes the hair loss. Try to eliminate the stress in your life. We know that it can be difficult. hobbies might help. Try going to the gym, reading, meditating etc.


4. Keep a healthy diet because your hair needs vitamins and minerals to stay healthy.


5. If you have serious hair loss, then you should consider a permanent solution: hair transplantation.


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