Gur Hair Transplant is a Fue Hair Transplant clinic in Istanbul Phil Review London

Phil Review London

Our patients Phil's rewiev about our hair transplant service.


I had a hair transplant at Gur Hair Transplant 3 weeks ago in Istanbul. I had never really considered a transplant in the UK as the cost can be prohibitive bur on a previous holiday visit to Istanbul i noticed that many people in the hotel & at the airport had recently gone through a transplant. When discovering the cost of this process in Turkey i then started to consider this as an option. I google searched for a suitable clinic and narrowed my selection to 3 or 4 clinic and looked to obtain quotations for wach clinic.

I obted for Gur Hair Transplant Clinic as the cost was very good and the response to my enquiry were dealth with quickly and efficiently. The other options i looked at ranged from too expensive, to no response and too much of a sales culture with consent text and email messages to me. After reducing my list to 2 options, one clinic did not respond to a follow up enquiry, so i decided that Gur Clinic was for me due to the cost and good service. I had also checked Dr Gur’s qualifications and experience via online search and this provided me with comfort.

The pre transplant instructions leading up to my visit were efficiently provided by my manager Oğuz, and from collections at the airport to the transfers to hotel all went very smoothly. I had received a detailed note from Oguz as to what would happen on the transplant day, so I was prepared for the process.

Dr Gokhan Gur described the clinic as a boutique clinic, and the full day was devoted entirely to me, with no other patients being treated that day. The staff at the clinic were friendly, helpful, and very considerate about my wellbeing.

The graft removal and implementation was carried out technicians, with Dr Gur preparing the areas for implementation. Dr. Gur also carried out consultation at the start of this day and he explained the process and was able to show me the suitability of the donor areas under microscope

At every stage of the process the staff ensured that I was comfortable and clearly explained the process and timescale so there were no surprises at any stage. Dr Gur also carried out the post operation assessment and provided me with clear instructions about the short term washing, sleeping and behaviors.

I was stressed that I could contact Dr. Gur directly with any questions that I may have post transplant and on the occasions I did I received an instant response. This was due to a bit of facial swelling 3 days after the operation, a side effect that is fairly common. All possible know side effects or problems were explained to me prior to the transplant.

The transplant process was relatively pain free, with only a degree of discomfort over the first couple of days. After leaving the clinic at 7.15pm on the transplant day, I was out for dinner 2 hours later which I did not really think would be the case and also my sleep on the first night was surprisingly good.

I have been extremely satisfied with the pre and post transplant process ay the Gur Hair Transplant and importantly very happy with the result at this 3 week stage. I feel that the expertise Dr Gur with the work he carried out on the implantation area will result in a great final result.

I will have no problem recommending the clinic to any friends given the excellent service provided by all the staff, the expertise, and very good value.

Phil, London, 7.16.2018