Rewiev Murat Tarhan 2500p


I have done hair transplant operation with Dr. Gökhan Gür 6 years ago. But last time my own hair continued to spill. I was very satisfied with my hair implant 6 years ago and I wanted to work with Mr. Gökhan Gür again.

I came with my friend Omer when he came to the operation. His operation was done first and mine the next day.

As I grew older, my hair was falling, and my hair was the only choice for me. After the second operation, I believe that my hair will be louder and that is enough for me.

I did not feel any pain during my hair regrowth and it was pretty good for me. Besides, all the employees are very talented and kind. I do not even know how my hair starts and how it ends.

Dr. I would recommend anyone who wants to get hair hair transplant operation from Dr. Gökhan Gür. He's a very successful doctor in fue hair transplant.

Best regards,
Murat Tarhan

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