Review from Oğuz Marangoz



I was planning to have a hair transplant for a long time.  Dr. Gokhan Gür decided to make it. It was very important for me to do the operation himself, and his years-long experience was also very important.


Operation day came on. First, a detailed hair analysis was done. I was very pleased to have my three and four roots. During that time, all the information about the operation was given to me. Hair planting was planned and we started the operation


First, the blood pressure was checked and then the blood test was performed. Then my hair was shaved with a machine and drug staples were made. To tell the truth, I did not feel a great pain. I did not feel anything afterwards because I was numb in my head.


The fact that my hair, which has been decreasing for years, made me very unhappy, to tell the truth. I did not want him to go on like this, either. Gokhan Gur gave me great confidence in this matter and helped. Maybe it was one of the best decisions I ever made. 


The team is also very friendly and helpful. I would recommend anybody who thinks about hair softening. Especially Mr. Gökhan is really expert in this matter.


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