Review from Olgun Gökalp Ertunga

5 days ago on 10.01.2018 Dr. Gökhan Gür made my fue hair transplant operation. 3500 grafts were transplanted in this process.
Over the years my hair has started to fall and this make me sad and this shedding has increased over the years. I decided to get hair transplant , but the results that came out when I started to investigate in this matter stirred my head more and more. Because there are not doctors in that places where and this is  a very bad situation for me. I kept on researching and a friend of mine told me about Doctor Gökhan Gür and suggested him. He had done the operation before, and was very satisfied with the result.
I made the examination first and then the operation came. The operation process was quite good. I felt a bit of pain only when I had some my local anesthesia, but I did not feel anything afterwards.
On the first day I went back to Dr. Gökhan Gür again for clinical hair washing. The 1st day is a clinical wash and the head skin is being washed with an antiseptic  lotion. Then the shells on the transplanted area are cleaned.
Today I came back for control purposes and I wanted to share my photos for you.
The reason why i choose Dr. Gökhan Gür is he make the operation by himself. This was a very important point for me. A friend who had an operation on her before helped me a lot in the decision phase.
I'm very happy to have done this procedure and I invite everybody who wants to have a hair transplant.
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